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Glassesinc Adhesive

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Glassesinc adhesive is a water-based non-toxic lace adhesive that lasts for up to 6 weeks when using our 3 part system and proper application. With a 2-3 week hold. This adhesive is odorless, humidity resistant, and waterproof. Our adhesive is the perfect solution for those who live an active lifestyle or have oily skin. The adhesive works in any climate and dries to an undetectable invisible finish providing a natural finish to lace units and keeping the client's hairline intact. Adhesive should be stored at room temperature. Please consult a certified professional for proper application. This product is lab tested and is skin safe for those with normal skin types. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders.

How To Use:

Step 1: Gently clean the skin with warm water, paying special attention to the application area. Do not apply any products to irritated areas of the skin. This product is not recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders. 

Step 2: Apply Glassesinc Skin Guard to the application area. 

Step 3: Start with applying a thin layer of Glassesinc adhesive to the skin. Dry with a cool hairdryer. Allow time to dry before applying another layer. Add up to 5 layers.

Step 4: Apply Lace to Glassesinc adhesive and style. If applied correctly, Glassesinc adhesive can last up to six weeks.

Active Ingredients: polyacrylic ester copolymer, non-ionic surfactant, purified water

Superior Hold
Humidity Proof
No Alcohol
No Latex

Always do a 24-hour patch test for sensitivity before use.